Robert Frank  Partner

Robert Frank

You have come to this portion of the website because you are probably a client, or a prospective client, searching for background information about me.  As to myself, before getting into the litany of where I went to school and my professional and community background, I want to first tell you something a little more personal.

I have been practicing exclusively in the estate planning field for over 40 years. I spent the first 31 plus years of my career with Chamberlain, Hrdlicka, a major national law firm. I started there before I graduated law school when there were less than 10 lawyers in a single location and, when I left, the firm’s attorney count exceeded 120 with multiple regional offices around the country. Toward the end of my time there, I had all the trappings of accomplishment – corner office, senior partner, head of the estate section, member of the management committee. So why would I, with such comfortable surroundings, decide to launch my own ship? If I have been asked this question once, I have been asked it hundreds of times.

Obviously, there are a number of reasons that motivated my changing my surroundings – too numerous (and boring) to go into here. One of the primary driving forces was my desire to take care of my clients in the same way that I would expect to be treated under the same circumstances. Obviously, I wanted to deliver quality legal services but, more than that, I wanted my clients to know that I deeply care about them and their personal situations. I wanted to develop relationships with those clients I choose to represent so that I know them as people and not just another client file number. I wanted to serve my clients with the efficiencies that technology offers so they feel they have received absolute value for my legal services.
While many of these factors should be commonplace in an attorney-client relationship, I came to realize that they are many times unique. In addition, without the responsibilities and oversight inherent in the management of a large firm, I have significantly more time to focus on my clients. Our staff and partner meetings are short!
My practice over the years has focused on more complicated family situations. While the firm continues to handle all phases of the estate planning and estate administration, my personal best efforts are complex estate planning structures. There are not many alternatives that I have not encountered after practicing for over 40 years. So, while your personal concerns are unique to you, it is unlikely that they will be something I have never previously encountered.
If you like, now you can learn the professional details that I assume you came here to see. If one of these items causes you to retain me, that’s great – but know that you are getting more than just a credentialed seasoned lawyer when you hire the firm – you are getting the absolute commitment from our entire firm to provide excellence while helping you achieve your goals and provide you with peace of mind.