Philanthropic Endeavors


I cannot RECALL...

... a lot of what I learned in English class in high school, however, a distinct impression was made on me when we studied Charles Dickens, the famed British author.  It was not only his particular writings that left me with such an imbued feeling, but also his dedication during his life to giving back to society. Dickens was a fierce critic of the poverty and social prejudices imposed during the Victorian era. He used his novels, his articles and fame as well as his personal efforts and money to address these and other injustices.

During my life, whether it was helping to form the Willow Waterhole Greenspace Conservancy, which took a proposed flood retention area and turned it into a recreational greenspace for use by the neighboring areas, or participating for over a decade in one of Houston's premier golf tournaments to raise multiple millions for the Texas Children's Hospital Newborn Center or being involved with trying to reduce prejudice and bigotry by serving on the Anti-Defamation League regional and national boards, I have always tried to use my personal and legal talents to give something back.